Weekly Writing Goals

Here's how it works.


Having someone check in with you about your writing can help you make progress toward your big writing goals. I'll be that person for you. 

I recognize that 1:1 book coaching can get expensive fast, so I've created something that can help writers but that is super affordable.

As a subscriber to Weekly Writing Goals, each week you'll get:

  • An email prompt to set your goal for the week (Sunday)
  • A weekly dose of writing inspiration
  • A reminder to let me know how the week went—what worked and what didn't (Saturday)


  • Monthly group Q&As with me via GoogleMeet
  • A chance every month to win a 10-page critique from me ($150 value)
  • Email access to me for writing questions and resources
  • A 10% discount on other coaching services

All of this is $12 USD/month (that's only $3/per week). As a recurring monthly subscription, you can join or cancel whenever.


Mini or micro goals help you break a bigger goal down into doable bits. It can be less overwhelming and help you feel like you've achieved something, which then keeps you motivated to keep going.

What types of writing goals can you set each week?

  • Word count goal
  • Page goal
  • Scene or chapter goal
  • Research goal
  • Time goal
  • Anything that helps you write!

Set your goal every Sunday, and let me know on Saturday how the week went.

Monthly Prizes

Everyone who replies to tell me if they met their goal (or didn't meet it) will be entered to win feedback on 10 pages of their writing ($150 value!).

If you choose to set a goal related to how much you're going to write (e.g., words, pages, scenes, chapters), you can send me your pages as proof of success for an extra entry into the monthly prize draw.

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Weekly Writing Goals

Weekly writing accountability membership for email supports, Q&A, and goal setting.

12.00 USD / month

Thank you for joining Weekly Writer Goals! 

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